Urban Max Adventure Series

Urban Max Adventure Series Supports Red Cross

Urban Max Adventure Series

Test your skills whilst fundraising for Red Cross

What is Urban Max

Urban Max is an exhilarating race through Sydneys urban landmarks. Armed with only a map, a clue sheet and their wits, teams navigate their way around the city to locate and complete a variety of physical and mental challenges.

Red Cross is appealing for thrill seekers to undertake the Sydney Urban Max adventure on Saturday the 21st of November and raise funds for vulnerable people across Australia and overseas.

Who can participate

Urban Max challenges are open to anyone seeking an adventure with route selection and problem solving skills being as critical as speed. All ages and fitness levels are welcome.

You can test your skills whilst fundraising for Red Cross. Photo: Maximum Adventure. How to get involved

1. Register your participation on the Urban Max website. Dont forget to enter your code word Red Cross to help raise funds for Red Cross and tell the world you believe in the Power of Humanity.

2. Start your fundraising for Red Cross by going to the Everyday Hero website.

Why support Red Cross

By raising money for Red Cross through Urban Max you will help improve the lives of vulnerable people in disadvantaged communities around Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

We provide relief in times of crisis, on the other side of the world when disaster strikes or at home when a personal situation seems insurmountable. Care when its needed most for people struggling with HIV and elderly Australians living alone. And we show commitment when others turn away, whether its protection for civilians during conflict, or a safe blood supply thanks to 500,000 Australian voluntary blood donors. Red Cross is there for people in need, no matter who you are, no matter where you live.

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Urban Max Adventure Series Supports Red Cross

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